Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Assignment 4

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

These two fashion photographers, as Cotton states, have a constructed approach to their fashion photographs by first carefully creating a narrative or story and then basing their composition/casting/photograph on the preambled creation.
The chapter also mentions that the fashion world has (at least) some influence over this approach to photography, saying that the genre requires a high turnover of ideas and experimentation in a fast-paced environment to ensure new ideas are always churned out, and that the photographers take a different approach to the photographic process when creating artistic photographs where they are not ruled by constraints. These two photographers also use digital practices to further their fashion photographs in post production etc.
Some example of the pair's contemporary fashion work (carefully constructed) is shown below.

Similar to the careful, pre-constructed approach to the photo taking process, but on a much more extreme scale, Gregory Crewdson takes construction to an extreme.
Crewdson's approach to narrative within photography is highly composed and maticulously thought through. Preperation for one shoot takes 2-3 days to perhaps produce only one photograph and has been described as an "organism that takes on it's own life". Like the pair of fashion photographers above, he uses digital software to further his creations, but contrary to their approach he uses digital practices to create collages in photoshop.
Crewdson uses choreographed lighting to establish a constructed world and to help tell a story using light and colour. His photographs can only be described as massive productions with an almost cinematic effect.
Some examples of his work are below:

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